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Sales transactions and product inventory tracking

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Sales transactions and product inventory tracking

Company operated in North America, which for almost 30 years provides strategic data and analytical solutions for the agriculture, crop protection and animal health industry. 

They wanted to provide a  convenient way for seed retailers to manage their sales transactions and product inventory.

We were working closely with the product owner to gather and specify requirements, design solution and day to day development. The solution we delivered:  

  • Helps to ensure that each retailer can provide growers with the wheat seed they desire, to their exact specification.
  • Ensures that the retailer does not end the season with excess inventory of wheat seed that he can’t sell.
  • Provides a clear repository of records and licenses for every entity that facilitates the life cycle of cereal seed from production to end consumption.
  • Provides reporting, which helps to calculate  the royalty rate between a seller and a buyer

Solution (product)

Our technical solution is 4 layer architecture based on the Domain Driven Design approach, with a presentation layer in ASP.NET MVC supported by Bootstrap, Knockout JS and TypeScript.