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Discover our well-structured strategy for transformation — from deep analysis through workshops to engineers working inside your organization.

Skyrocket your business with our DevOps Transformation services!

Minimize your costs by real-time evaluation of usage of the resources.

Automate delivery pipelines to ship software in a flash.

Increase observability. Eliminate errors before your customers even notice.

Standardize your processes to avoid mundane manual deployment and time-consuming mistakes.

Get on the fast track to becoming an industry leader by implementing changes and new features ahead of your rivals.

Streamline collaboration between development and IT operations teams to make them fully responsible and in charge of product releases.

Initial analysis

At the first stage of the cooperation, our DevOps experts undertake the initial audit of your organization’s software delivery processes.

After the analysis, our experts provide guidance and consultancy.
The outcome of our work is the audit report and practical roadmap for your DevOps transformation.

High seniority

Working with us means working with the most excellent professionals. Our engineers have an average of 8 years of experience working with Microsoft technologies.

Work the way you like!

We are remote-native, but choosing when and where you want to work is up to you. You can work remotely, hybrid, or entirely from our office in Wroclaw.

Team-building events

Building team spirit and close relationships are essential for us. We are scattered all over the country, so we prioritize exciting team-building trips and events.

Choose a project that suits you!

In our work, we mainly use Microsoft tech stack. Therefore, we always work on several projects using the same technologies simultaneously.

DevOps workshops

The second step of our collaboration is DevOps workshops, the main goal of which is to perform an in-depth analysis of processes with your teams.

The deliverables of this work won’t be limited to just a report. Your teams will also develop new technical skills and learn to combat challenges together.

Duration: 2-3 days

Experts in your organization

In this step, we boost the DevOps transformation in your organization.

Our top engineers join your teams to support building new processes, demonstrate best practices, and develop the technical DevOps skills of your employees.

Duration: 1-6 months

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